In a fast-paced instant world, we are witnessing a gradual shift from reliance on durable furniture to easier-to-handle mobile furniture. The consumers are making a big compromise on the quality of furniture suitable for their homes. However, the purists would vouch for the royal feeling associated with Amish furniture.

The origins of Amish furniture can be traced to America where majorities of the Amish people reside. Originally hailing from Europe, the Amish eventually settled in some States of the US and Canada. The Amish people are rooted to their culture and legacy and are slow to adapt to the modern technologically advanced world. That’s why the Americans call them “The Simple People”. They cherish the values and art inherited from their forefathers. And one of their prized possessions is the art of making exotic Amish furniture.

Every finished Amish furniture article is a testimony to the amount of hard work and craftsmanship that has gone into producing such a masterpiece. A single furniture article could take days to complete. To lend an extravagant look to each finished article, the Amish artisans employ the skills that are unique to their clan. Perhaps, these peculiar features jack-up the cost of producing Amish furniture. But the pride felt by the owner of an Amish article is unparalleled.

A typical Amish article does not resemble the other piece of the same category. This is a proof of its authenticity. The originality of Amish furniture is extremely important while looking to buy one. The reason is the immense popularity and higher price of Amish furniture. The Amish artisans generally work from small workshops with limited work force. But they deal with wholesale Amish furniture dealers, who pay them good margins. Because the goodwill of these big retailers is at stake, they, generally, do not indulge in dealing with counterfeits. But still some scrupulous furniture dealers, in order to make a quick buck, do indulge in buying and selling fakes. It’s here that a vigilant consumer comes into picture. If you are not new to the Amish furniture, more often than not, you’ll get a good deal. The problem arises with the new buyers, who need an orientation on Amish furniture.

With the advent of Internet, now, Amish furniture no longer belongs to America. It has become a global commodity where more and more netizens are placing orders for Amish furniture online. The growing sales of Amish furniture online drives home an important fact – there are still customers available who look for ‘royalty in simplicity’ in their furniture.

The popularity of Amish furniture is not just because of its simple, yet regal, looks. The availability and suitability of Amish furniture for all age groups make it a ‘value for your money’ proposition. It serves the dual purpose of luxury as well as utility furniture that is vital for every household.

The durability of Amish furniture lends it a credible place in the traditional societies. Longevity and safety is inherent in traditions. Be it relations or furniture articles, the traditional mindsets are programmed to expect them to last for generations. Add the style and grace of Amish furniture, and you and your family have a perfect companion for life.

By Sarika Kabra