Every individual part of the Amish lifestyle is based on a list of basic rules. Written or unwritten, these rules are observed by the entire community including the youngest of them. These rules are based on the Amish religion as well as Amish cultural traditions and each and every one of them carries much significance for the Amish individual. Nonetheless, the allure of Amish furniture has developed beyond the boundaries of the Amish culture and has become popular in many home décor styles all over the country.

This furniture is, in translation, ordinary. It is known as “ordnung” by the Amish and those who are familiar with the culture. The German translation of this word is, in essence, plain, stable, simplistic, or, in a in another word, (as I said before) ordinary. Ordinary ways of living, ordinary dress, ordinary transportation, often conservative, ordinary furniture and more, are all part of the ordnung of the Amish. Nonetheless, they have become extraordinarily popular for interior design.

Of course, the rules of the Amish, from community to community, are varied. Some people who are a part of the Amish faith will be seen driving an automobile, while other Amish communities will not even allow their people to use anything operated by batteries. Needless to say, Amish cultures are very tight-knit and are likely to separate themselves or prevent any member to have contact with people outside their own community.

Apparently, even other sects or communities of Amish people with a completely different ordnung would be excluded from another, quite different, Amish group. It seems, especially to the outsider who is unfamiliar with the spiritual basics of this lifestyle, that some Amish communities have nothing in common other than their name. Because of the differences, Amish furniture can vary depending on the depths of the beliefs of the Amish furniture maker. Needless to say, the more basic the culture the more simplistic the furniture and the more artistic license he or she is allowed the more elegant furniture the Amish furniture maker will design.By: Anne Clarke