History and Overview of Amish Country, USA

The Amish began settling in America around 1730 with the first immigrants settling in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. William Penn’s concept of religious tolerance known as the “Holy Experiment” was the primary catalyst for the immigration of these people to the United States. Despite the initial settling in Pennsylvania, this is not the largest group of the Amish in the United States.

There are currently settlements in 24 states, Canada, and Central America but nearly 80% of all the Amish in the US reside in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Today you will find the largest concentration of Amish people in northeast Ohio, primarily in Holmes and the surrounding counties.

Welcome to Ohio’s Amish Country

If getting away from the fast-paced lifestyle of the big city is something that you crave, then Ohio’s Amish country may just be the vacation destination for you. Here you will be able to relax, slow down, and just enjoy what this lifestyle has to offer the stressed out city dweller. The Amish lifestyle is as pure and simple as it gets, but you will find no greater work ethic anywhere in the United States.

For nearly 200 years now, Holmes County, Ohio and the surrounding counties have offered a lifestyle that is free from the bonds of modern society and a culture that has survived without the technologies that have spoiled us all. This truly makes Amish country one of the more desirable destinations in the US. Hospitality, dining, and shopping abound, as well as the numerous sightseeing opportunities in the beautiful Amish countryside. Take a trip back in time – visit Amish Country today.

Top 10 Attractions in Ohio’s Amish Country

Located in between Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio’s Amish country offers the traveler a wide array of back roads, rolling hills, and (of course) numerous tourist attractions. The following is a list of the top 10 recommended places to visit in Ohio’s Amish country.

1) The Route 39 Tour – a well-traveled road that winds through the Amish heartland

2) Millersburg – the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country and the Holmes County seat

3) Berlin – the best home-cooked food anywhere and wonderful shopping opportunities

4) Walnut Creek – located near Route 39, the town offers the traveler a wide variety of tourist amenities

5) Charm – nestled within the rolling hills of Amish country, the village of Charm is a must-see destination

6) Amish Cooking – local cuisine is found in the numerous restaurants in the area and you definitely want to experience the cooking

7) Holmes County Trail – a 12-mile long nature trail that runs between Fredericksburg and Millersburg with only two lanes – one for horses and for biking, running, and walking

8) New Philadelphia -New Philadelphia is minutes away from Amish Country and features a mall, shops, and much more

9) Roscoe Village – historic Roscoe Village was once a bustling port on the Ohio and Erie Canal

10) Bed and Breakfast’s, Inns, and much more – the overnight traveler will have a choice of comfortable lodging facilities no matter where they stay while visiting northeast Ohio’s Amish Country

By: William Allensworth
William Allensworth is a very dedicated author, mainly writing about the Amish Country lands which is mostly centered around Holmes County Ohio and Berlin Ohio.