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About Site Work and Foundation Estimates

Site work and foundation quotes are based on a clear, level and accessible location. This quote is for the installation of an “at grade” foundation. An “at grade” foundation will typically consist of a poured footer, block foundation wall, crushed stone and a poured 4” concrete slab. Backfilled with existing material from the excavation of the foundation. Supplies and materials may be delivered by local third-party suppliers. Driveways, asphalt, concrete, grass, landscaping in the proximity of the new foundation may be affected by the disturbance of the deliveries and machines entering your property.

This quote based on following engineered approved plans following 2015 residential building code. Local building departments may dictate additional requirements not listed in the uniform construction code and could increase foundation costs and this quote.

Grade slopes greater than 12” and items dug up during excavation could affect this quote.

It impossible to know what is buried in the location of the garage foundation excavation area. Removal of items buried in the foundation footprint that need to be removed for example: concrete, boulders or hidden tree stumps are not included for removal in this quote.

Our quote does not include anything outside the footprint of the garage foundation.

Sidewalks, aprons or any additional items will paid onsite at time of services.


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