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Your new garage is on order. What happens next?

The process begins the day that you order your new Amish Built garage….
First… the garage work-sheets that you have pre-approved are sent to our drafting and engineering company. The draftsmen will produce a set of preliminary plans and elevations; this can take up to 2-weeks. The preliminary plans are emailed to Amish Built in a .PDF format. We forward these preliminary plans to you for your review. At this time you can make any changes or modifications to your Amish Built garage.
Once your approval is given the preliminary plans are forwarded to one of three engineers locally that are licensed in your state. The engineer will review these plans checking to make sure all the structural elements meet your state and local code. He then prints 3-24” x 36” copies and stamps or “Seals” the plans. He then mails the finished stamped plan sets to your home address. This can take another 1-2 weeks
Also copy of the finished engineered plans is emailed to our local truss manufacturer where their engineer will produce a set of truss plans specifically designed for your area. Wind and snow loads vary from state to state so every truss plan has to be designed specifically to your zip code.

The truss engineer emails Amish Built a .PDF containing the stamped “sealed” truss plans with name and address on them. We email the .PDF to you. You print 3-copies. Now you have 3-sets of truss plans and 3-sets of the garage plans. Please submit all the plans to your local building department along with your permit application.

Once the permit is issued you will contact Amish Built. We will ask for a copy of the permit and any contact information you may have received. You can email or fax this to us.

Also your building department may give you a check list of required inspections. These required inspection for the most are same from town to town and state. However please provide this checklist to us as your town may have something different required on their checklist.
Amish Built will schedule and handle all of the required inspections. It is important that we handle these inspections as we have rigorous schedule for both the foundation and garage installation.

Once your permit is issued we will schedule both your foundation installation, usually 3-consecutive days and the garage installation, usually 1-2 consecutive days.

We are always 4-5 weeks out from the time the permit is issued until the installation begins.

Basically from the time you order you Amish Garage until the time we are excavating for the foundation can be approximately 2-3 months.

As we get close to the schedule our foreman will contact you several days ahead of time to confirm their arrival. Our crew starts early so if your neighbors are finicky about workers in the neighborhood at 7am please let us know.
Also, we will be bringing trucks and equipment in and out of your neighborhood and property.

Sometimes if you have close neighbors you may want to make them aware of your project.

Vehicles should be clear of your driveway and away from your driveway entrance to allow for trailers to make wide turns.

If you have children we ask that you keep them away from the construction area. It is exciting to watch our crew work but safety is always first!

You do not have to be present for the entire installation process but questions do pop-up so please leave a phone number for us to call in case we have a question while at your home.

Finally our foreman will have what we call “completion forms”. These are to be signed by you when each phase is complete. We will also require a check or credit card payment at the time of each completion. The foundation completion payment and the garage installation completion payment are the (2) onsite payments we require. Unless other arrangements have been made, our Amish foreman will require, politely, a payment. Please make someone available for this part of the garage installation process.

Important phone numbers during your garage ordering and installation process. (90% of what you need, call me)

Chris DeProspo, Sales, scheduling and design 717-431-8611

Amos Stoltfus, Excavation, site work and foundation 717-629-3894

If you chose to provide a custom specification on your siding, paint or roof, please mail your samples in as soon as possible. Some materials can take weeks or even months to get delivered to our shop.

Finally…..we are here to help and to make building a garage fun.

Call me with any concerns as we move along.

24x24 detached garage front view with shed dormers and A dormers Garage Building Timeline

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