Hope Chest

What Is a Hope Chest?

Hope chests have long been a part of History. Wether it was 15th century, Italy, where the Cassone were displays of great wealth. To the days of WW II when ammunition box maker, Lane Company, started producing chests for absentee sweethearts of WW II. Though, through-out history the common usage of the hope chest was to store items in for a young-woman’s anticipations of becomming married one day. Hence the word, ‘Hope’. Though many terms have been coined for a hope chest such as: dowry chest, glory box, bottom drawer, Cassone, and kast.

Now adays a hope chest is not much used for anything other than simple storage or decoration. Though, here at Amish-Built, our Amish craftsmen build our hope chests as if their purpose is still to keep, and protect a person’s most valuable possession: Hope.

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